Classes in Kalamazoo

HPA offers classes at Kalamazoo Area Tutors (KAT) on Mondays.  All classes meet on Mondays during the school year at KAT.

2012-13 class offerings are:

Junior & Senior High Drama - Grades 7-12. 11:30-12:55 (Block 3)

Early Elementary Drama/Choir - Ages 5-8. 1:00-2:55 (Block 4)

Private Voice Lessons - Grades 3-12. 8:00-11:00 (Block 1 or 2)

HPA Kids! - Ages 8-12. See the HPA Kids! page for details. (Registration will open soon, it is not currently available). 

The primary focus of the practices will be developing a quality performance glorifying to God and with aesthetic value.  The goal is to help individuals develop as actors and people, through instruction and personal experience.  The experience will be more than just producing a play; the “class” might better be described as stage performance development.

Cost:  $150 per semester, Family Discounts do not apply to classes

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