Family Commitment Policy

Students and their families investing time and talents together allow us to achieve high quality productions.  Families should be willing to commit to at least 60 volunteer hours spread out over the rehearsal period (i.e. 3 hours per week for 20 weeks, or 20 hours a week for the last 3 weeks, etc.), although many families serve much more.  There are many tasks and details that go into a production, and we will help you find something that works for your family  (i.e. jobs at rehearsals, projects that can be done at home, etc).  We see time and again that parents and students working together to accomplish a common goal receive a great blessing.  It can be a lot of work, but it will be enjoyable and satisfying to see your child grow through being a part of something exceptional!  

View the Family Commitment options below or download a printable pdf here.  Be sure to click on the committee name to view the detailed job description of each committee.

2015-2016 Parent Committee Options
Each family should provide 3 possible options, ranking each by preference.
CLICK the blue links to read a full description and to see details about the committee.
Parent Committee Preferred Skills # Needed Duty Summary
Parents desiring to serve 50% or more of rehearsal time from September through Show Week
should choose one of these committees:
Costumes Creative Leadership Artistic, Sewing, Communication 1 Obtain and oversee creative vision from directors and meet deadlines. Organize and communicate with sewing committee for at-home vs. rehearsal work. Organize and communicate "finding" needs to non-sewing committee. Work with directors throughout rehearsals to maintain artistic vision.
Costumes Organizational Leadership Detail-oriented, Organization, Communication 1 Assign committee tasks and communicate with committee to fit, create, procure, organize and store costumes. Adhere to budget, keep records, meet return deadlines and organize strike plan.
Costumes (Sewing) Sewing 3-10 Work at home and/or at rehearsals with costumes as advised by costume leadership.
Costumes (Non-Sewing) Following Instructions, Willingness to learn 2-5 Gather, borrow, purchase, glue, cut, or decorate costumes as directed by costume leadership. May involve driving locally at personal expense. Assist at weekly rehearsals.
Rehearsal Coordinator
Detail-oriented, Organization, Communication, Enjoys Student Interaction 1-2 Staff check-in table at rehearsal during 50-60% percent of rehearsal time.  While there you will:  track rehearsal attendance and people in building, manage lost and found, complete various money-related tasks (deposits and reimbursements), manage receipt of various items from cast (dossiers, makeup kits, DVD orders, etc.), manage student rehearsal cleanup committee, maintain emergency documents, communicate cast announcements to staff, and other detail-oriented duties, 
Scrip Coordinator
Detail-oriented, working with numbers, basic computer skills 0-1 Run the Scrip program, help families with any questions and promote families to use scrip. Maintain and distribute family rebates, tax-deductible letters and scrip cards.  Manage, answer questions and assist via phone and email the Scrip Volunteers in the other two cities. Work in Grand Rapids from 11:30-5:30 most weeks. 
Scrip Committee
Detail-oriented, working with numbers 1-3 Assist the Scrip Coordinator with accepting and processing orders from HPA families during the designated rehearsal time. This committee needs detail-oriented people who can accurately manage money and records.
Rehearsal Accompanist Accomplished Pianist 1-3 Assist directors and choreographer at most rehearsals, and during tech and show weeks at theater. May or may not play in the pit. Must be available during tech and show week rehearsals. Requires a high level of proficiency on the piano.
Choreographer Dance Creation and Teaching  1-3 Must have choreography or dance background. Creates and teaches choreography to cast.
Hair/Makeup AND Costume Communication Liaison Communication, Willingness to learn 1-4 Facilitate good communication in areas of overlap between the costume and hair/makeup committees and be involved "part-time" with both. Assist Costume Committee at two rehearsals per month to help as needed, prior to Hair/Makeup responsibilities beginning when  you switch to assist the leader there.
Parents desiring to serve mostly outside of rehearsal times (often evenings and weekends) mostly during the months leading up to show should choose one of these committees:
Props Leadership Resourceful, Thrifty, Communication, Detail-oriented 1-3 Meet with directors to obtain creative vision for time period, themes, etc. Communicate needs/deadlines with props committee. Obtain necessary "rehearsal props" early in the year. Maintain records and plan strike.
Props Resourceful, Thrifty, Artistic 2-5 Obtain and return props needed as advised by props leadership. Bring props to later rehearsals as advised.
Sets and Painting Organizational Leadership Communication, Organization 1 Utilize people and communication skills to assist in communication with Sets leader, Painting leader, and both committees. This is a person who would like to work "part-time" on both committees, helping to notice areas of overlap and where communication is necessary. 
Sets Creative Leadership Organization, Construction, Communication 1 Obtain and oversee creative vision from directors, work with Sets/Painting Organizational Leader, set and meet deadlines, find construction location, assign tasks, obtain and purchase materials. Ensure daily cleaning of supplies and work area tech and show weeks, oversee removal of all items after show and their timely return.
Painting Creative Leadership Artistic, Painting, Communicating Ideas 1 Meet with directors to determine plan to paint sets and backdrops. Work with Set/Painting Organizational Leader to assign tasks, provide direction. Secure a location for painting backdrops, manage budget, procure and purchase materials. Hang backdrops at theater, cleanup daily, and remove materials at strike and arrange for their return.
Sets Willingness to learn! 5-10 Create sets evenings and on weekends, two-to-three months prior to show. Load in, construct, and load out at theater during tech and show weeks.
Painting Willingness to learn! 4-10 Paint sets and backdrops within a few months of show, cleanup, touch up, and help with strike as needed.
Parents desiring to concentrate your work hours into mostly tech and show weeks (generally requires 2 adults, 1 of whom will be quite busy during those 3 weeks) should choose one of these committees:
Costumes Ironing, Laundering, Restocking AND Ushers Commitment to be present and work hard when scheduled 2-4 Responsible for ironing and laundering costumes show weeks and post show, returning borrowed costumes, restocking HPA costumes, helping at least 1 barn cleaning day in summer. Provide an usher or box office assistant for all but one show.
Show Week
Committees Team
11/19 8-12 Work together as a team to plan and carry out all responsibilities of  concessions, flowers & candy, ushers and cast party.  This group will require 1 parent to serve on the planning team and provide enough ADULTS to staff 8 slots during show nights (there are only 6 shows so this requires at least 2 adults).
Staff Meals
Thrifty, Cooking, Meal Planning 1-2 Plan, Cook, and Serve staff meals during tech and show weeks.  A budget of $500 is available for 12 days of serving 12-20 people per day.  One person may do this for their entire commitment or 2 people may share it and also fill 5 usher slots each.
Parents desiring to be committed to all evening tech rehearsals and shows
should choose one of these committees:
Hair/Makeup Leadership artistic, enjoy student interaction, willingness  to learn 1 Obtain and oversee creative vision from directors. Lead meetings with cast groups prior to final dress rehearsals to prepare cast for hair and makeup needs. Order supplies and plan strike.
Orchestra Accomplished musician 0-5 Rehearse weekly during months prior to show, play during all dress rehearsals and shows, and clean the orchestra pit after the show.
Tech Sound or Lighting knowledge 0-2 Experience preferred to run sound or light board the last 2-3 weeks of the production during all tech rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances. Can be done after work.
Parents desiring to work mostly from home AND during 5 show nights
should choose one of the following committees:
Tickets Detail oriented, Basic computers (email & web), Customer service 2-5 Label tickets, work sales table at rehearsals, online sales at home, and in box office on most show nights. Purchase supplies, manage money and deposits, clean box office, return supplies and prepare final ticket report for HPA staff.
Volunteer Coordinator Recruiting and Meeting People 0-1 Seek out volunteers from past HPA families, alumni, extended families, or other supporters. Connect volunteers with committee heads and help with scheduling as necessary. Serve 5 show nights with ushers, box office, or similar.
Ad Assistant
Written communication, Email, Internet, Spreadsheets 1 Work via internet from home very closely with the ad sales manager to track receipt of payments and artwork, help maintain detailed records, and communicate via email and phone with cast families and business supporters. May also be needed to serve 5 show nights with ushers, box office, or similar.
Attendance Coordinator
Web forms, Written communication, Detail-oriented, Spreadsheets 1 Work via internet from home to receive online absence requests, communicate requests to the directors, communicate response to the family, and track all absences in a detailed spreadsheet. May also be needed to serve 5 show nights with ushers, box office, or similar.
Parents desiring to usher 3 shows and pay us to fill the remainder of the commitment should choose the following committee:
Committee Buy Out   0-5 Pay a $500 non-family commitment fee AND provide someone to usher or sell concessions during 3 performances.